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Charleston Hen Parties

Learn some of the wild moves from the dance craze of the roaring 1920s! Our most popular choice for hen parties, our Charleston routines are great fun, easy to learn and always set to the fabulous jazz music of the era.

1950s Rock 'n' Roll Jive  Hen Parties

One of the easiest styles to learn, we'll have you jiving in no time!

This is great fun for a 1950s themed party.

Collegiate Shag Hen Parties

This was the partner dance popular with the American college kids of the 1930s and 40s.  A bit more energetic than some of the other styles, although simple to learn, this is a great choice if you fancy a bit of a workout!

Vintage Hollywood Glamour  Hen Parties

Transport yourself back to a time of glamour and style and learn a routine inspired by the black and white Hollywood movies of the 1930s and 40s.

Rhythm Tap Hen Parties

If rhythm's your thing, why not try a tap lesson? If you've never tapped before, that's no problem!  There's no need for tap shoes - just some hard soled footwear for this lesson will work fine.  We'll take you through some of the basic steps and you'll learn a short routine by the end of the session.

Regular lessons

We also run regular tap lessons in Brighton.  Email us for details of our next tap course.  Alternatively, if you and a group of friends would like a series of lessons, we can arrange that for you.  

Just contact us for a quote.

Want to try something that isn't shown here? We can work with you and your ideas to create the lesson that's perfect for you. Just contact us to talk through your ideas and see how we can help.

1940s Swing Hen Parties

Learn some smooth moves of the 1940s Swing and Lindy Hop as well as some solo jazz steps of the stylish swing era.  

Great for a 40s themed party.

Brighton Boogie - Charleston Hen Parties
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Dance lessons to choose from...

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Want to have your party or lesson outside of Brighton?  No problem!  We are happy to travel to you! Just contact us for details.

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